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Compete and Solve Clinical Cases with Human Diagnosis Project


SHM recently partnered with the Human Diagnosis Project. Human Dx is the world’s first open diagnostic system, which aims to understand the fundamental data structure of diagnosis and, in the future, considerably impact the cost of, access to, and effectiveness of healthcare globally.

Human Dx’s Global Morning Reports feature weekly case competitions of differential diagnoses and clinical reasoning skills. Each day, attendings, fellows, residents, and medical students have the opportunity to solve the best cases from around the world from the prior day and submit cases for the next day. This partnership with SHM provides a unique, interactive learning platform with cases tailored to hospitalists.

The rules are simple:

  • Increase your “Impact” by creating and solving cases online.
  • Creating cases creates more “Impact” than solving cases.

The team and individual with the most “Impact” each week win. Sign up today and test your skills in hospital medicine diagnostics at

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