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  • In the Literature: In the Literature
  • By Anneliese M. Schleyer, MD, MHA, Mark C. Zaros, MD, Angelena Labella, MD, Heather L. Davidson, MD, Reena K. Julka, MD, Anna S. Loge, MD, Paul R. Sutton, MD, PhD, Consultative Medicine Program, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle
  • Published: Mar 01, 2010
  • In the Literature: In the Literature
  • By Mital Patel, MD; Alraies Chadi, MD; Saurabh Kandpal, MD; Iqbal Masood, MD; Anuradha Ramaswamy, MD
  • Published: Jun 01, 2009
  • In the Literature: In the Literature
  • Anitha Rajamanickam, MD, Preethi Patel, MD, Ali Usmani, MD, Vesselin Dimov, MD, Ajay Kumar, MD, Amir Moheet, MD, Priyanka Sharma, MD, and Brian Harte, MD
  • Published: Sep 01, 2007
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