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Cover Story: Minutes Matter for Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Reducing onset-to-treatment time by just 15 minutes lowers in-hospital mortality, hemorrhage rates: JAMA study

Cover Story: Conway to Head Medicare Innovation Center

Pediatric hospitalist takes charge as agency accepts applications for health-care-innovation grants


Cover Story: Is Shared Decision-Making Bad for the Bottom Line?

Study finds higher costs, longer lengths of stay for patients who are more involved in their own care

Cover Story: Prices for Common Procedures Not Readily Available

Study finds wide pricing variations for elective total hip arthroplasty


Cover Story: ABIM Ramps Up MOC Requirements

Rule changes will force hospitalists to earn points more frequently to maintain certification

Cover Story: Moore Medical Center a Casualty of Tornado’s Fury

A hospitalist grapples with loss of city’s sole medical center


Cover Story: When Staying Up Late Should Pay Off

Online survey shows most people support paying more to hospitalists who work overnight shifts

Cover Story: Physician Reviews of HM-Related Research

BNP-driven fluid management improves ventilator weaning

HM Day Four

Cover Story: Wachter Sees Bright Future for Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists as problem-solvers means specialty is poised to adapt and thrive, HM pioneer says

Cover Story: Is Post-Acute-Care In Your Future?

Long-term-care facilities offer hospitalists career path, chance to impact quality of care

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