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Cover Story: VTE Risk Spikes for Pregnant Patients Admitted to Hospitals Pre-Delivery

Study recommends hospitalists recognize threat, treat patients at highest risk with prophylaxis

Cover Story: Readmission Penalties for COPD Diagnoses Slated for 2014

Hospitalists urged to consider ways to reduce COPD-related readmissions


Cover Story: Report Cites Wide Variation in Prescription Drug Use by Medicare Patients

Types of drugs prescribed, patients’ medication usage found to vary by U.S. geographic region

Cover Story: Risk of Perioperative Morbidity, Post-Op Mortality Higher for Current Smokers

Current smokers who undergo major surgery face greater odds of postoperative adverse events, including mortality, than past smokers


Cover Story: Agency Funding for Healthcare Research Could Benefit Hospital Medicine

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) plans to award $300 million this year

Cover Story: Readmission Rates Not Effective Quality Measure of Pediatric Patient Care

Study finds low hospital volumes limit usefulness of data


Cover Story: Coordinated Care Approach May Be Best for Patients with Heart Failure

Study shows teaming hospitalists with cardiologists could improve quality of care, outcomes

Cover Story: Hospitalist Appointed HHS’ Director of Provider Outreach

Dr. Matthew Heinz tasked with educating health professionals, public on Affordable Care Act


Cover Story: Observation Status Not So Well-Defined in Hospitals

Use of inpatient designation in clinical practice inconsistent with CMS definition

Cover Story: CMS Allows Residents, Advanced Practitioners to Admit Inpatients

Clarification to agency’s final rule dispels concerns about limited admitting privileges for nonstaff physicians

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