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PHM15: Teaching, Supervising Pediatric Hospitalist Fellows

Session: “Teaching and Supervising a PHM Fellow: The Transition from Learner to Instructor.” Analysis:  The session was led by Sarah Denniston, MD, FAAP, of Children’s Hospital of San Antonio/Baylor College of Medicine, and a collaboration of presenters ranging from fellowship directors to new pediatric hospitalist fellows. It was a very interactive discussion that prompted shared… [Read More]

PHM15: Physical Burnout for Hospitalists

Presenters: Allison Ballantine and Lisa Zaoutis Physician burnout can be thought of as similar to water level in a reservoir during a drought – there is an imbalance between usage and replenishment. This leads to physician exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficiency. Burnout is a function of both the individual (younger, single, and less resilient are at… [Read More]

A film crew captures Drs. Crystal and Johnson chatting between deliveries at Santa Clara (Calif.) Valley Hospital.

Hospitalist Hopes to Build Website Featuring Stories about Delivering Babies in the 1950s

When Ruth Ann Crystal, MD, performed her residency at Stanford University Medical Center more than 15 years ago, she often worked side by side in the operating room with one of her favorite professors, Bert Johnson, MD, a skilled surgeon and obstetrician. While performing vaginal hysterectomies, Dr. Johnson would often share stories of when he… [Read More]

10 Tips for Hospitalists to Achieve an Effective Medical Consult

Institute of Medicine Report Prompts Debate Over Graduate Medical Education Funding, Oversight

Ever since 1997, when the federal Balanced Budget Act froze Medicare’s overall funding for graduate medical education, debates have flared regularly over whether and how the U.S. government should support medical resident training. Discussions about the possible redistribution of billions of dollars are bound to make people nervous, but the controversy reached a fever pitch… [Read More]

Specialty Hospitalists May Be Coming to Your Hospital Soon

Nearly 20 years ago, Bob Wachter, MD, coined the term “hospitalist,” defining a new specialty caring for the hospitalized medical patient. Since that time, we’ve seen rapid growth in the numbers of physicians who identify themselves as hospitalists, dominated by training in internal medicine and, to a lesser extent, family practice and pediatrics. But, what… [Read More]