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SHM Fellowship Class of 2021


Kapil Mehta, MD, FACP, MBA, FHM

Waseem Mohamed, MD, FHM

Ernest Murray, MD, FHM

Murali K. Nagubandi, MD, FHM

Jessica Nave Allen, MD, FHM

Peter Nwafor, MD, FACP, FHM

Ike Anthony Nwaobi, MBBS, MBA, FHM

Olugbenga B. Ojo, MD, FACP, MBA, FHM

Jacqueline Okere, MD, FHM

Ifedolapo S. Olanrewaju, MD, MBchB, FHM

Mobolaji Olulade, MD, FHM

Elizabeth H. Papetti, MBA, FHM

Love Patel, MBBS, FHM

Kamakshya P. Patra, MD, MMM, FHM

Charles Pizanis, MD, FHM

Rajat Prakash, MD, FHM

Chris Pribula, MD, FHM

Michael Puchaev, MD, FHM

Ryan Punsalan, MD, FHM

Bhavya Rajanna, MD, FHM

Miguel A. Ramirez, MD, FHM

Raymund Ramirez, MD, FHM

Sandeep Randhawa, MBBS, FHM

Rohit Rattan, MD, FHM

Denisha Powell Rawlings, MD, FHM

Praveen K. Reddy, MD, MPH, FHM

Michael Ree, DO, MPH, FHM

Patrick Rendon, MD, FHM

David J. Rizk, MD, FAAFP, MBA, FHM

Michael Roberts, MD, FHM

Edwin Rosas, MD, FHM

Devjit Roy, MD, FHM

Sabyasachi Roy, MD, FHM

Paul Sandroni, CMPE, MSM, FHM

Vijairam Selvaraj, MD, MPH, FHM

Megha Shah, MD, MMM, FHM

Edie Shen, MD, FHM

Gurpinder Singh, MD, FACP, FHM

Vishwas A. Singh, MD, FHM

Karen Slatkovsky, MD, FHM

Sean M. Snyder, MD, FHM

Jaclyn Spiegel, MD, FHM

Dale Stapler Jr., MD, FHM

Christina E. Stovall, MD, FHM

Daniel Suders, DO, FHM

Clayton Swalstad, CMPE, MSM, FHM

Harshil Swaminarayan, MD, FHM

Keniesha Thompson, MD, FHM

Tet Toe, MD, FACP, FHM

Christine Tsai, MD, FHM

Ajay Vaikuntam, MD, FHM

Valerie Vaughn, MD, FHM

Jane N. Wainaina, FACP, MBchB, FHM

Neshahthari Wijeyakuhan, MD, FACP, FHM

Chia-Shing Yang, MD, FHM

Jennifer Zagursky, MD, FHM


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