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Large COVID-19 dataset: Kidney injury in >35% of those in hospital


Renal biopsies from patients with AKI may help shed some light

The editorialists went on to say that findings from kidney biopsies of COVID-19 patients with AKI may help shed some light on this condition.

“While difficult to perform, kidney biopsies from patients with early AKI could help us understand the underlying pathophysiologies at the cellular and molecular level and begin to target specific treatments to specific subgroups of patients,” they wrote.

The authors noted that, as part of funding opportunities provided by the National Institutes of Health for COVID-19 research, the NIDDK has published a Notice of Special Interest outlining the most urgent areas in need of research, with one of the focuses being on the kidney.

“As the research community emerges from the crisis situation, there should be renewed efforts for multidisciplinary research to conduct integrated basic, translational, and clinical studies aimed at greatly increasing the knowledge base to understand how both the current COVID-19 threat and future health threats affect both healthy people and people with chronic diseases and conditions,” the editorials noted.

The authors of the Diabetes Care editorial have reported no relevant financial relationships. Dr. Jhaveri has reported being a consultant for Astex Pharmaceuticals.

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