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SHM and Jefferson College of Population Health partner to provide vital education for hospitalists


Because both of our organizations are based in Philadelphia, we have had longstanding connections with SHM leadership. It was only natural for us to talk with SHM about how we can build upon the society’s excellent continuing education offerings and work together to provide members with additional content that can equip them to advance their careers.

How did SHM and Jefferson College of Population Health identify the mutually beneficial educational offerings in each institution that are included in this partnership?

Members of our respective leadership teams got together to complete a detailed review of the offerings from each organization. SHM’s Leadership Academy and JCPH’s Population Health Academy are rigorous continuing education programs that can provide physicians with excellent just-in-time information they can put to use right away.

After a careful examination of the curriculum, JCPH determined that SHM members can apply the credits they earn from completing two qualified sessions from the Leadership Academy to satisfy the elective course requirement for a Master’s degree. (Note: This does not apply to the Population Health Intelligence Program, which does not include an elective course.)

How will this partnership benefit Jefferson College of Population Health?

Our mission is to prepare health care leaders with the skills and tools they need to be effective in improving population health. Clinicians who work in a hospital setting have a key role to play.

We are also dedicated to making a difference right here in Philadelphia. The more students we have in our programs, the more of an impact we (and they) will have in improving outcomes in our own community.

We need to move the needle and get Philadelphia County out of the basement in terms of health rankings. We have a responsibility to do what we can to make a difference, and we appreciate the partnership with SHM to make it happen.

What other components of the partnership are especially noteworthy to highlight?

In addition to what I’ve already discussed, the following are some of the significant benefits that SHM members are entitled to as a result of the partnership with JCPH:

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