HM19: One chapter’s experience


William Bancroft, MS IV

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dothan, Ala.

William Bancroft, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dothan, Ala.

William Bancroft

I was honored to have been chosen by the Wiregrass chapter as the medical student representative for the SHM Annual Conference. I have been serving in the local chapter during both my 3rd and 4th years in different roles, from helping as a student liaison for our medical students to executive planning coordinator for events. It was a surprise when I got asked by the chapter to be their student representative, but one that I was very excited to accept.

This was my first medical conference. I had heard about what different conferences were like from many of my attendings, so I had some expectations, but this experience was so much better. I enjoyed meeting and networking with people. I also found myself eagerly waiting to get to the next lecture because I was getting an opportunity to hear about different case studies, new research outcomes, and new standards of care.

It was a real treat to learn about all the new changes to treatment, but even more encouraging to know that most of it was just reinforcing everything my attendings have been teaching us as medical students. I enjoyed my time at the SHM Annual Conference so much that I emailed all my new coresidents and encouraged them to join the Society.

Dr. Skandhan is a hospitalist at Southeast Health Medical Center in Dothan, Ala., as well as president and founder of the Wiregrass chapter of SHM.

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