Building on diversity


What are some concerns of the chapter?

One area of significant discussion among hospitalists in Maryland has been global budgets. Our system of reimbursement is unique in the nation. It’s a system that aims to emphasize high-value care: the idea is to prioritize quality over quantity.

This system requires that hospitals rethink how we provide care in the inpatient setting, and how we create a continuum of care to the post-acute setting. It poses a lot of challenges, but also a lot of opportunities. Hospitalists are positioned perfectly to play a substantial role in implementing solutions.

Why might readers want to consider getting involved in their local SHM chapters?

I think it’s really beneficial to have the exposure that being involved with an SHM chapter brings – to people, to perspectives, to knowledge. There’s not really a downside to being involved with a chapter. You can take as little or as much as you want out of it, but I think most of our members find it to be a very enriching experience. Being involved in a chapter means you can have a voice, so that the chapter ends up serving you and your needs as well.

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