Physician learning must evolve as industry transforms


Mount Sinai is proud to spearhead this innovative training effort in New York. In fact, since the initial date of the training, the three modules have expanded into a program run by the Morchand Center for Clinical Competence at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. So far, the Morchand Center has adapted the standardized patient methodology used for hospitalists to train 1,845 additional residents in various specialties across New York.

Nationwide, the entire medical community stands to benefit from continuous physician learning and the partnerships that facilitate it, such as the Doctors Company, which make trainings like this possible. At a time of tremendous change for health care, having a well-trained physician workforce is more important than ever before. Our patients deserve to be cared for by physicians whose knowledge evolves alongside the transformation of care delivery.

Physician learning must keep pace with our industry’s transformation. By setting the bar higher for what patients should expect on a patient communication level, we increase patient safety, raise levels of patient satisfaction, and drive quality care – no matter what the future of health care delivery looks like.

Dr. Barna is an associate residency program director for inpatient medicine in the Division of Hospital Medicine/Samuel Bronfman Department of Medicine in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.


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