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Understanding patient process flow


One unexpected thing I learned during the last month was project planning. Initially, I was struggling with putting the details of the project together. I recalled later that at business school we often use timelines to facilitate project planning. I carved out two hours of my time. On a piece of paper, I wrote down one-by-one the tasks I need to accomplish for each phase of the study. I also set up an internal deadline for communications and deliverables with my advisor. Now I can track my progress much better and am confident that the project will move towards its landmarks.

Yun Li is an MD/MBA student attending Geisel School of Medicine and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hanover College double-majoring in Economics and Biological Chemistry. Ms. Li participated in research in injury epidemiology and genetics, and has conducted studies on traditional Tibetan medicine, rural health, health NGOs, and digital health. Her career interest is practicing hospital medicine and geriatrics as a clinician/administrator, either in the US or China. Ms. Li is a student member of the Society of Hospital Medicine.


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