CMS finalizes measures to help combat opioid crisis


President Trump in March detailed initiatives to address the opioid crisis across three domains: reducing demand through education, awareness, and prevention of overprescribing; reducing illicit drug importation and distribution; and expanding opportunities for proven treatment options.

For prescribers, the president’s plan calls for a nationwide reduction in opioid prescriptions filled by one-third within 3 years. It also looks aims to ensure that 75% of opioid prescriptions paid for by the government are “issued using best practices within 3 years, and 95% within 5 years,” a White House fact sheet notes.

When it comes to federal health care providers, those standards are to be met by half within 2 years and all within 5.

The White House also is calling on states to transition to a nationally interoperable Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) network.

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