Using data to drive quality improvement projects


Each of the three presenters are well versed on the topic and have successfully analyzed data for numerous quality improvement projects and presented these data both in publications and in presentations, including for the Society of Hospital Medicine.

“My best qualification for this talk is the number of times I’ve messed up,” Dr. Kuperman said. “Early in my career, I had several projects in which I spent valuable resources creating an initiative, rolling out the implementation, and then wasn’t able to capture reliable outcomes – ruining the chances for scholarship or renewal.”

Through this presentation, Dr. Kuperman hopes that he can reach other hospitalists and soon-to-be hospitalists and teach them some hard-earned lessons so that they can be more successful from the start.

None of the three presenters have any financial disclosures.

Using Data to Inform Quality Improvement
Wednesday, 8:40-9:40 a.m.
Crystal Ballroom G1/A&B

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