Sustaining the evolution of PAs in hospital medicine


As an SHM member of over 10 years, what has been most valuable for you as a physician assistant?

The relationships. Networking, sharing ideas, pushing the status quo with other like-minded clinicians from around the country is invigorating. Because of SHM, I have an APC network from coast to coast – a lattice of clinicians that are linked by dedication and enthusiasm to hospital medicine.

What advice do you have for early-career physician assistants looking to work in hospital medicine?

Find a hospital medicine group whose culture allows and supports your growth as an advanced practice clinician. In an exemplary HM model, the delegated autonomy of an APC should widen and deepen over time. Seek out a team that appreciates the importance of this evolution.

Ms. Steele is marketing communications specialist at the Society of Hospital Medicine.

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