Sustaining the evolution of PAs in hospital medicine


Which SHM conferences have you attended? Tell us about some of the highlights from these courses.

The first SHM annual conference I attended was in 2008 in sunny San Diego. I’d been a physician assistant (PA) for barely a year. I remember being so energized by the passion and commitment of the speakers and attendees. I harnessed that energy and spent the next several years being part of a growing APC group at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minn., where our HM group holds partnership and innovation at its core. You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to speak about APC practice models at HM16. Fellow APC Emily Thornhill Davis and I spoke to a standing-room only audience! Emily and I partnered again as faculty at HM17. I look forward to being part of a panel discussion at HM18 in Orlando (alongside some SHM trailblazers!).

Closer to home, I’ve taken advantage of phenomenal opportunities hosted by our local chapter of SHM. My colleagues Benji Mathews, MD, and Kreegan Reierson, MD, have led Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) training courses regionally and nationally. Their comprehensive, hands-on course ensured that I had the foundation to incorporate portable ultrasound into my practice. Thank goodness for their refresher course as well; my skills were rusty after a long maternity leave!

Given the tremendous clinical growth I have absorbed through local and national SHM offerings, I look forward to my leadership and operations skills being bolstered at SHM’s Leadership Academy this fall in Vancouver. As APCs hold more and more vital roles within HM groups, it’s integral that, along the way, our leadership skills are recognized and honed as well.

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