Analytics, board support are quality improvement keys


The first of its kind, the rigorous University of Colorado program was designed to give residents tools useful beyond the clinical setting to become successful health system leaders.

In 2013, Dr. Glasheen and his colleagues founded the Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety & Efficiency, which is guided by the mission to improve the quality of care provided on the local level. He has since become the chief quality officer for UCHealth and the University of Colorado Hospital Authority and an associate dean for clinical affairs in quality and safety education, as well as continuing to be a professor of medicine.

For those hoping to pursue quality improvement, Dr. Glasheen stressed the importance of a strong basis in data analytics.

“One of the most common things I see with data is people start to chase what’s called common cause variation, which means they’ll look at a run chart over the course of 12 months and react to every up and down when those are essentially random,” Dr. Glasheen said. “Being able to understand when something is particularly significant and when your interventions are actually making an impact is a skill set I think people who are new to quality improvement don’t often have.”


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