Analytics, board support are quality improvement keys


Because it was early in his medical career, he began on a small level, teaching his residents about the importance of patient safety and giving lessons on core competencies involved in quality care and higher liability. But he quickly expanded his efforts.

“I started with what I had control over,” Dr. Glasheen explained. “From there, I moved to teaching more medical students, which lead to teaching in front of classrooms, which opened the door to the idea of starting a hospitalist training program.”

In 2003, Dr. Glasheen pitched the program to the University of Colorado at Denver, Aurora, where he completed his residency; this pitch led to the development of a hospitalist training program that focused on improving safety outcomes.

He served as the director of the University of Colorado Hospital Medicine Group from 2003 to 2015, during which time he was approached by the dean to assist in creating and leading the hospitalist training program for internal medicine residents.


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