Career development: One of many new focal points at HM 2018


In addition to Seasoning Your Career and Career Development Workshops, we have three other new tracks: Palliative Care, NP/PA, and The Great Debate. The Great Debate track uses the popular format of the perioperative debate given every year at the annual conference to tackle topics in infectious disease and pulmonary medicine. We ask very talented, opinionated, and humorous speakers to debate with each other over clinical content; it will be a great “smack down!”

Other new things for HM18 include:

  • An interventional radiologist will speak about the latest procedures and when to refer your patients.
  • A few surgeons will talk about managing surgical patients on your service and about decubitus ulcers.
  • An oncologist will discuss the complications of the latest advanced agents on the wards.
  • A rheumatologist will discuss the complications of new biologic agents.
  • A rehab specialist will discuss the benefits and limitations of physical/occupational therapists and physiatrists.
  • A speaker will discussing vulnerable populations, focusing on the social determinants of health, which last year’s HM17 plenary speaker Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc raised as an important issue.
  • There will be an “Updates in Addiction Medicine” lecture.
  • There will be a new cardiology precourse and an expanded infectious disease precourse, which will also focus on sepsis.

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