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New hospitalist unit has stellar patient satisfaction scores



I’m not sure why the MedOne model has yielded such impressive patient satisfaction and other results. While there are some relatively unique features of their model – only four hospitalists are eligible to work there and nursing roles have been reconfigured – I wouldn’t expect these to yield such remarkable results. So far, they have roughly 5 months of data and just 37 returned patient satisfaction surveys, so it’s possible that random variation and/or the Hawthorne effect are playing a meaningful role. It will be really informative to see their outcomes a year or 2 from now and to gauge how they fare if and when they implement the same model in other units of the hospital.

I suspect MedOne’s precise configuration for staffing and roles of nurses, NPs, and physicians is important, but I’m guessing the most valuable thing they implemented was the creation of a powerful sense of teamwork and shared purpose among those working on the unit. The interpersonal bonding and feeling of shared purpose that likely occurred as they worked to devise and go live with the model, as well as the tremendous satisfaction at seeing their early results, have probably led to terrific enthusiasm within their team.

That enthusiasm may be the key ingredient contributing to their early success.

Dr. Nelson has been working in clinical practice as a hospitalist since 1988. He is a cofounder and past president of Society of Hospital Medicine and a principal in Nelson Flores Hospital Medicine Consultants. He is codirector for SHM’s practice-management courses. Contact him at [email protected]


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