FDA Clears Imaging App for iPhone/iPad



The Food and Drug Administration gave its first clearance to an application that will allow physicians to review radiology images on Apple's iPad and iPhone in the absence of a standard workstation.

The FDA cleared the Mobile MIM app for viewing images and making diagnoses using computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography. The agency cautioned that it is not intended to replace standard workstations, and should only be used when one is not available.

The app can measure distance on the image as well as image intensity; it can also display measurement lines, regions of interest, and annotations.

The FDA noted that the luminance displayed by a mobile device can vary greatly, even among identical models. The image's luminance also can vary based on ambient lighting. The app includes an interactive contrast test that will allow a user to determine if he or she can properly distinguish subtle differences in contrast.

The Mobile MIM app was created by Cleveland-based MIM Software Inc. The company said on its Web site Mobile MIM is now available in Apple's App Store.