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Cover Story: Wachter Highlights New Era for Hospitalists

Increasingly complex healthcare system calls for hospitalists to “champion reform,” Wachter tells HM12 attendees

Cover Story: Engineering Can Help Hospitalists Solve Scheduling Dilemmas

Queuing principles, Little’s Law can ease caseload


Cover Story: Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) President Stresses Accountability, Genuine Results in Inaugural Address

Without evidence-based improvements, consequences for hospitals, patients could be “disastrous”

Cover Story: "Teach Back" Effective in Improving Patient Communication

Give patients smaller doses of information over several days, HM12 presenter advises


Cover Story: Speakers Address Healthcare Reform, Political Climate at Society of Hospital Medicine's Annual Meeting

Conway, Ornstein tell HM12 attendees to expect major change in coming years

Cover Story: HM Group Scheduling Can Assist in Systems Improvement

But schedules can be complicated, and a one-size-fits-all model is nonexistent


Cover Story: Applicable Themes, Big-Picture Thinking Take Root at HM12

If you can’t find a lecture that appeals to you, there’s something wrong with you, hospitalist says

Cover Story: New Crop of Hospital Medicine Fellows “Arrives” at HM12

141 designees embody the core ideals of hospital medicine, SHM president-elect says


Cover Story: Canadian Report Finds Higher-Spending Hospitals See Drops in Death Rate, Readmission

But more money doesn’t directly correlate to better care, researcher says

Cover Story: ITL: Physician Reviews of HM-Relevant Research

C. diff recurrence risk with non-CDI antimicrobials

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