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Cover Story: LISTEN NOW: Greg Maynard, MD, SFHM, Chats about SHM's Mentored Implementation Programs

Dr. Maynard explains what makes mentored implementation work and how hospitalist groups can quantify success     

Article: Hospitalist Program Building Blocks

Fundamentals for achieving success in advanced programs, distributed networks

Article: Specially-Trained Hospitalists Spearhead SHM’s Quality Improvement Programs

Hospitalist mentors discuss lessons taught, learned during SHM’s award-winning QI mentorship program  

Cover Story: LISTEN NOW: Mark Williams, MD, MHM, Discusses SHM's Mentored Implementation Programs

Dr. Williams discusses the commitment made by mentors and the critical importance of site visits        

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Article: Negotiation Skills for Physicians

Basic concepts, processes that can lead to successful negotiations

Cover Story: Movers and Shakers in Hospital Medicine

Latest hospitalists to receive awards, earn promotions, or assume new leadership roles. Plus, HM group contracts, mergers, acquisitions

Cover Story: The Hospitalist Earns Highest Honor from Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX)

APEX Grand Award confirms Society of Hospital Medicine’s commitment to high-quality, practice-focused newsmagazine

Article: Keys to Successful Hospitalist Co-Management Programs

Beware patient “dumping,” care fragmentation, practicing beyond your scope of practice

Article: Overdiagnosis in Pediatric Hospital Medicine Is Harming Children

Studies show no change in mortality despite increased asymptomatic urinary screening for neuroblastomas in children

Article: Derail Behavioral Emergencies in Hospitals

Staying safe, calm can help hospital staff de-escalate high-risk patient outbursts

Article: Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2014 Conference Draws Record-Setting Crowd

More than 800 hospitalists gather to hear from CMS’ Patrick Conway, healthcare system CEOs, experts in pediatric hospital medicine

Cover Story: LISTEN NOW: Highlights of the September 2014 issue of The Hospitalist newsmagazine

Highlights of the September 2014 issue of The Hospitalist newsmagazine

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The Future Hospitalist: Chris LaChance, MD, Plans Lifelong Career in Hospital Medicine

Baystate Medical Center’s 2011 “Hospitalist of the Year” enjoys professional challenge, variation that HM offers

Cover Story: Hospitalist Ann Sheehy, MD, MS, FHM, Testifies Before Congress About Medicare

Outlines for lawmakers hospitalists’ concerns about two-midnight rule, observation status, audit program

Key Clinical Question: Which Patients Should Receive Bridging Anticoagulation?

Risk of thrombosis, bleeding must be considered when determining selection, logistics of antithrombotic bridging for inpatients

In the Literature: Dexamethasone Equivalent to Prednisone/Prednisolone in Symptomatic Improvement, Risk of Revisit for Acute Asthma Exacerbations

Benefits found with dexamethasone use compared with corticosteroids for children with mild-to-moderate asthma exacerbations

In the Literature: Higher Mean Arterial Pressure in Septic Shock Patients Doesn’t Decrease Mortality

Mortality rates not significantly different in patients with septic shock randomized to higher MAP targets

In the Literature: Infection Risk Decreases With Lower Red Blood Cell Transfusion Thresholds

Restrictive RBC transfusion guidelines associated with less risk of healthcare-acquired infections than liberal transfusion thresholds

In the Literature: Head Computed Tomography Scans Not Needed for Most Delirium Inpatients

CT scans found to have low diagnotistic utility for delirious inpatients without head trauma, fall, or known intracranial process

In the Literature: Hospitalist Efficiency Impacted by Increased Workloads

Inpatient length-of-stay, costs may increase when hospitalist workloads exceed 15 patients daily

In the Literature: Peri-Operative Clonidine Increases Hypotension, Bradycardia, Nonfatal Cardiac Arrest

Study finds peri-operative clonidine brings increased risks, has no effect on myocardial infarction rate among patients undergoing vascular surgery

In the Literature: Fibrinolytics Increase Stroke Risk, Hemorrhage in Intermediate-Risk Pulmonary Emboli

Study finds increased risks, no mortality benefit to treatment of intermediate-risk pulmonary emboli with fibrinolytics

In the Literature: AHA/ACC Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines Updated

American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, Heart Rhythm Society issue first comprehensive update since 2006, guidelines on patient selection for anticoagulation, role of oral anticoagulants

In the Literature: Peri-Operative Aspirin Impact on Risk of Bleeding, Death, Myocardial Infarction Examined

Aspirin use studied among noncardiac surgery patients at risk of vascular complications

In the Literature: Confusion Assessment Method (CAM-S) Evaluates Delirium Severity, Gauges Clinical Outcome

Enhanced scoring system associates delirium severity, inpatient outcomes

In the Literature: Risk-Prediction Model for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection

Tool identifies infection risk factors at illness onset, predicts likelihood of C.diff recurrence

Society Pages: Nine Ways Hospitals Can Use Electronic Health Records to Reduce Readmissions

Society of Hospital Medicine Health Information Technology committee members offer recommendations to slash unnecessary rehospitalizations

Society Pages: Clear Identification Needed for Hospitalists in Medicare

Society of Hospital Medicine renews call for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to designate specialty billing code for hospitalists

Society Pages: State of Hospital Medicine Report: Pre-Order Yours Today

Society of Hospital Medicine’s bi-annual hospitalist compensation, productivity data available later this month

Society Pages: Hospital Medicine 2015, Hospitalists on the Hill 2015 Dates Set

Reserve time today to attend these Society of Hospital Medicine events next year

Society Pages: Glycemic Control Mentored Implementation Program Targets Diabetes Care, Treatment

Society of Hospital Medicine program helps hospitalists improve hospitals’ glycemic control practices for inpatients

Society Pages: CODE-H Interactive Tool Guides Hospitalists in Coding Decisions

Online program offers coding scenarios, highlights correct codes, provides rationales for answers

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Ask Dr. Hospitalist: Medical Billing Protocol for Discharge Summary Preparation, Signoff

Proper procedures for nurse practitioners, physician assistants

Practice Management: Put Key Principles, Characteristics of Effective Hospital Medicine Groups to Work

Tooklit offers insight on high-efficiency HM groups, provides a guide to enact change

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