March 2007

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Reduce CR-BSI, Quality Performance Measures, Treat DVT. Plus Adult Bacterial Meningitis in “Classic Lit”

Reduce CR-BSI Pronovost P, Needham D, Berenholtz S, et al. An intervention to decrease catheter-related bloodstream infections in the ICU. N Engl J Med. 2006 Dec 28;355(26):2725-2732. For practicing clinicians, quality improvement (QI) is a difficult and important task. There can be requirements for extra steps, additional forms, or new safety procedures when caring for… [Read More]



The connection between hospitalists and core measures scores


A Sign-off Pace Car

An Illinois hospital medicine program revs up its engines to eliminate disruptions in continuity of care


Brazil Blossoms

Hospital medicine gains ground in South America


Dysphagia, Dizziness, and Dysarthria

Brief history: A 32-year-old female presents with dysphagia, dizziness, and dysarthria. Salient findings: Chest X-ray demonstrates many embolization coils within both lungs. Photographs demonstrate superficial telangiectasias of the tongue and distal phalanx. These findings indicate the patient’s diagnosis: hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT), previously known as Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome. Superficial telangiectasias of the digit. Chest X-ray reveals… [Read More]

Sinus Infection, Headache, and Diplopia

A 36-year-old female with a recently treated sinus infection presents with an 18-hour history of severe right-sided headache and new-onset diplopia. Examination reveals the finding pictured below. Aside from tenderness on palpation over the frontal and maxillary sinuses, the remainder of her physical and neurologic exam is unremarkable. TH Patient looking to her right. What… [Read More]

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A Fine Formation

A hospitalist consortium in Michigan huddles on safety and quality