December 2007


Hours to Expertise

Experience, not just certification, should determine who cares for patients


Do feeding tubes improve outcomes in patients with dementia?

Case A 68-year-old cachectic female with a history of Alzheimer’s dementia presents with a slowly progressive decline in functional status. She is bed bound, minimally verbal, and has lost interest in eating. Her problems with decreased oral intake started when her diet was changed to nectar-thickened liquids. This change was made after the patient was… [Read More]

LegalLegal Eagle

Contract Caveats

Essential factors to consider when signing on the dotted line


The DNR Dilemma

Wide variations in how orders are indicated should be a red flag to hospitalists


Avoid Pancreatitis Risk

More than 100 medications have been implicated in this condition

Career DevelopmentDisease States

Use Incentives, Moonlighters to Staff the Holidays

Dr. Simone Holidays can pose a challenge for hospitalists who have to balance proper patient care with appropriate staffing. Good communication and chart documentation can make all the difference. Bradley A. Sharpe, MD, assistant chief of medical service at the University of California, San Francisco, department of medicine, says patients admitted on holidays should be… [Read More]