August 2006


Doctors of the American Frontier

Surgeon George Miller Sternberg Discussions of the mid-19th century American physician often conjure up images of the surgeons of the Civil War who tirelessly plied their trade during battle: “During the rest of the night and early morning, he [amputated] arms below the elbow and legs below the knee in less than five minutes. The… [Read More]

Career Development

The Yuk Factor

Maggot debridement therapy: the ancient treatment for chronic wounds makes a comeback


Rash Judgement

A 38-year-old, healthy, incarcerated, African-American man presented with a one-and-a-half year history of an eruption in his axillae

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SHM Surveys Revisited

The Benchmarks Committee has had a busy 2006 so far. Many thanks to the 400-plus hospital medicine groups that completed the 2005-06 SHM survey, “The Authoritative Source on the State of Hospital Medicine,” as well as those of you who participated in the follow-up survey to clarify questions around additional revenue or supplements to program… [Read More]


Virus Alerts

CDC issues warnings about two viruses with serious potential complications