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Article: The Challenge of Family

Hostility. Anger. Grief. Confrontation. Sadness. The complicated communication of dealing with families

Article: Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ever Justified?

A discussion of the arguments for and against physician involvement in patient euthanasia and suicide

Cover Story: Start Me Up

The unique challenges of starting a hospital medicine group

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Article: An Internist in Iraq

What it's like to practice hospital medicine in the military theater    

Article: Meeting Expectations

A sneak preview of the ninth SHM Annual Meeting in D.C.

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Alliances: Invaluable Assistants

The vital relationship between hospitalists and physician assistants

In the Literature: Medical Errors, Appropriate Dress for Physicians, Blood Cultures for Pneumonia Pts, and More

The Hospital Pharmacy: Two New Inhaled Insulin Products

The scoop hospitalists need to know about Exubera and Levemir

Society Pages: New Task Forces Formed

Three new initiatives enhance SHM membership value

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Progress Notes: Of Lizards and Leeches

How Gila monsters help treat diabetes and other biotherapeutic tales

Flashback: The Birth of Percussion

What’s Your Diagnosis?: Pacemaker Rash

Career Development: Recruitment Revised

Paying off loans pays off

SHM Point of View: Hospitalist: the iPod of Medicine

Leading change and innovation—and seemingly everywhere

President’s Column: Milestones

A look at SHM’s achievements during the past year

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October 2014


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