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Article: The Obesity Problem in U.S. Hospitals

Special challenges of transporting, diagnosing, and treating the morbidly obese

Article: While Residents Rest

The challenges involved as hospitalists fill the gap of recently reduced resident duty hours

Article: Hospice Heart

A hospitalist in Texas fulfills her dream to direct an in patient hospice unit

Article: Risky Business II: A Whole New Category of Risk

Improve patient safety and communication to lower malpractice litigation

Article: Uncertain Prognosis

Special considerations for high-risk patients at end of life

Article: Take Research Initiative

Avenues to increase hospital medicine research and close the quality gap

Article: To Tube or Not to Tube

The implications of PEG tube use in the hospitalized older adult

Article: Team Rapid

An up-close view of how one L.A. hospital set up its rapid response team

Article: The Yuk Factor

Maggot debridement therapy: the ancient treatment for chronic wounds makes a comeback

Article: Pantilat Receives Endowed Chair

A first for hospital medicine, the chair moves palliative care forward at UCSF

Cover Story: Tough Negotiations Avert B.C. Hospitalist Walkout

Two weeks of intense talks between hospitalists and government officials resulted in an 11th-hour compromise on June 29th in British Columbia

Cover Story: The Coming Windfall

CMS proposes double-digit increases for work RVUs for services performed by hospitalists

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Flashback: Doctors of the American Frontier

What’s Your Diagnosis?: Rash Judgement

A 38-year-old, healthy, incarcerated, African-American man presented with a one-and-a-half year history of an eruption in his axillae

Career Development: Shift Perspectives

Consider a more healthful schedule for your group

Society Pages: SHM Surveys Revisited

Article: Virus Alerts

CDC issues warnings about two viruses with serious potential complications

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Progress Notes: A Piece of Eddie

Medical malapropisms, mondegreens, and other matters

SHM Point of View: The Reality of Today

External realities will shape the hospital of the future

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