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Article: Vigilant Awareness

Mindfulness in hospital practice

Article: Pitfalls in Pain Treatment

Part II: Difficult cases and dilemmas

Article: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Article: The New Institutional Leadership

Hospitalists are moving into hospitalwide management roles. What’s driving the trend and what does it mean for the future of healthcare?

Article: A Night with Venus, a Lifetime with Mercury

From gold mining to tattoos to dramatic poisonings, this element has a storied past

Article: The Sumter Tornado

Their hospital in ruins, Georgia hospitalists aid in recovery

Cover Story: A Performance Metrics Primer

How to build reporting capabilities

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Article: Physician Payment Reform, P4P, AHRQ

Public policy issues command ongoing attention

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Practice Management: How to Hire and Use Clerical Staff

Nonclinical members of hospitalist groups are critical to efficiency and success

In the Literature: In the Literature

Immune Thrombocytopenia, Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Bleeding, Bacterial Meningitis, and More

Images in Medicine: Enchondromatosis

Evaluation of pathologic features

Images in Medicine: The Anorectic Heart

Pneumomediastinum and pericardial effusion in a 40-year-old male with anorexia nervosa

Career Development: Get Control

How hospitalists can find career satisfaction through autonomy

Public Policy: Capitol Gains

SHM’s Public Policy Committee pays second call on Capitol Hill

Society Pages: Key Keynotes

Plenty of pertinent plenaries packed 2007 SHM Annual Meeting

What’s Your Diagnosis?: What's Your Diagnosis?

Pulsatile Mass

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Progress Notes: Once Upon a Tenens

An itinerant doctor’s tale

SHM Point of View: Hospitalists, Healthcare Reform, and the Presidential Election

As the U.S. struggles with caring for the uninsured, clinicians are in an ideal position to shape the debate

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October 2014


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