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Article: Care & Prayer

S.C. hospitalist serves double duty as Episcopal priest

Article: Patient Proxies

Maintain a good relationship with surrogates when those in your care can’t speak for themselves

Article: To Serve in America

Foreign-born hospitalists experience rewards, challenges practicing in U.S.

Article: New Perspective

A tour of duty abroad may be just be what the doctor ordered to sharpen hospitalists' skills

Article: Use Incentives, Moonlighters to Staff the Holidays

Cover Story: How Am I Doing?

Movement is on to help hospitalists accurately assess their performance

Cover Story: The Surgical Surge

Hospitalists face increasing need to co-manage perioperative patients

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Key Clinical Question: Do feeding tubes improve outcomes in patients with dementia?

Legal Eagle: Contract Caveats

Essential factors to consider when signing on the dotted line

Public Policy: Massachusetts Effect

State’s health reform may fuel demand for hospitalists

Career Development: Succeed in Business

Some hospitalists seek satisfaction by taking an entrepreneurial turn

JHM Sneak Peek: The DNR Dilemma

Wide variations in how orders are indicated should be a red flag to hospitalists

The Hospital Pharmacy: Avoid Pancreatitis Risk

More than 100 medications have been implicated in this condition

In the Literature: In the Literature

The latest research you need to know

Society Pages: Mission in D.C.

Public Policy Committee lobbies for physician pay, funding of quality initiatives

Society Pages: SHM Behind the Scenes

Boldly Go Where No Physicians Have Gone Before

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Practice Management: Play by the Rules

Establish strong bylaws to keep hospitalist unit functioning well

From the Editor’s Desk: Hours to Expertise

Experience, not just certification, should determine who cares for patients

SHM Point of View: A Year of Progress

In 2007, SHM expanded its influence in pursuing care quality, efficiency

Ask Dr. Hospitalist: Dr. Hospitalist

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October 2014


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