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Article: Hospitalists Should Prepare for the Patient-Centered Medical Home

As the “patient-centered medical home” model gains steam, hospitalists should know what’s coming

Article: Rural Hospitalists Face Myriad Challenges, Rewards

In addition to the lack of specialist backup, recruiting doctors to fill hospitalist positions in rural settings can be a major challenge.

Article: Unit-Based Rounding: A Holy Grail?

Unit-based rounding solves New Mexico group’s ills, boosts hospital’s bottom line

Article: The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Primer

The main components of the PCMH and how they’ve been implemented in real practice

Article: Should Hospitalists Be Concerned about the PCHM Model?

If the "patient-centered medical home" model does what it intends to do fewer people will likely be hospitalized.

Article: Rural Hospitalist Practice: First Among Equals

Hospitalists can use flexibility and creativity to design HM programs that meet the unique needs of small or rural hospitals.

Article: Rural Healthcare Facts

The obstacles faced by healthcare providers and patients in rural areas are vastly different than those in urban areas.

Article: Resources for the Rural Hospitalist

Recruitment of high-quality physicians is always a challenge. That’s where SHM can help.

Cover Story: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) appears to reduce hospitalizations, but AHRQ says good evidence still lacking

Researchers estimate that it could take 10 years to get reliable results

Article: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: International Clinicians Can Bolster Rural HM Group Recruiting Efforts

Attorney encourages rural HM groups to learn rules, take advantage of resources

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Physician Assistants Key to HM Group Solutions

Dr. Martin Johns explains how rural hospitalist groups can overcome challenges and why physician assistants are key to that success

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: HM Chief Discusses Hospitalist Role in Patient-Centered Medical Home

Kevin Eichhorn, MD, hospital medicine chief at Dean Health System in Wisconsin, discusses the hospitalist’s role in the patient-centered medical home model

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: State Officials Explain J-1 Visa Process for Hospitalist Recruits

Nebraska state officials explain why the J-1 visa process is more time-consuming than complicated

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In the Literature: ITL: Physician Reviews of HM-Relevant Research

Nearly all CDIs related to exposure in healthcare setting; CT angiography safe to determine ED discharge in potential ACS; predicting physiological deterioration through EMR use; accuracy of rapid influenza diagnostic tests; multifaceted QI intervention improves ACS therapy adherence; rivaroxaban vs. heparin plus vitamin K antagonist for PE treatment; coronary stent implantation in CAD; prolonged prophylaxis use in hip-replacement patients.

Key Clinical Question: How is Graves' Disease Diagnosed and Evaluated?

The disease generally presents with a variety of signs and symptoms found with hyperthyroidism, but it can also carry unique clinical features unrelated to thyrotoxicosis.

Society Pages: Hospitalists On the Move

Movers and shakers in hospital medicine; new business moves.

Society Pages: SHM's Leadership Academy: Everything They Don't Teach in Medical School

The academy’s three courses comprise the only leadership-training program specifically designed for the challenges hospitalists face.

Society Pages: Welcome, New Residents

What might not be of immediate concern to the newly minted, patient-focused doctor is the need to heal the medical system.

Society Pages: Project BOOST: Application deadline is Sep. 1

Project BOOST is a mentored-implementation, quality-improvement project.

Society Pages: Ready for Recognition?

SHM will begin accepting submissions for both the Annual Awards of Excellence and the RIV poster contest this month.

Pediatric HM Literature: Guidelines for Pneumonia Call for Decreased Use of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

The impact of a clinical practice guideline for hospitalized children with community-acquired pneumonia on antibiotic selection.

Key Clinical Guidelines: Guidelines for Management of Atrial Fibrillation

New comprehensive guidelines deal with rate control, rhythm control, and prevention of thromboembolism.

Legal Eagle: Physician Noncompete Clauses

Most physician employment contracts have them; know what yours restricts.

Innovations: Interns Learn Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Internal medicine interns in San Antonio learn how to perform ultrasound-guided procedures.

Innovations: Guidelines Urge Transfer of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients

Recommendation based on research suggesting 30-day death rates significantly higher in low-volume facilities vs. facilities treating more than 35 cases per year.

Innovations: By the Numbers: 2024

The year Medicare becomes insolvent

Innovations: Transitioning Children with Complex Healthcare Needs to Home

A new clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ways to manage the home care and care transitions of special-needs pediatric patients.

Innovations: South Carolina Hospitals Reduce Mislabeled Blood

In a pilot program, mislabeling of blood specimens was reduced by 90% in less than three months.

Public Policy: Hospitalists Can Help Solve Residency Duty-Hour Issues

HM appears well-positioned to benefit from changes brought about under the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s residency program regulations.

Letters: Evaluating a Hospitalist: A New Way of Measurement

How do hospitalist-physician professionalism and shift work co-exist? How this question is answered is going to impact quality of care, recruitment, and staff satisfaction.

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President’s Column: How to Be Accountable in Hospital Medicine

Understanding accountability begins with defining the term.

From the Editor’s Desk: Whac-a-Mole Regulation

Hospitalists should embrace new era of transparency, collaboration

Practice Management: John Nelson: Conflict Resolution

Solutions for physician disagreements over patient admissions

Ask Dr. Hospitalist: Defining a Hospitalist's Role in Medicine

Medicine’s evolution shouldn’t undermine your expertise, autonomy, professionalism.

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