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Article: Deja Vu

Old bugs wreak havoc with patients once again

Article: Charts to Screens

The challenges of IT adoption and how hospitals manage it

Article: Skilled Labor

Nurse-midwife laborists add value to hospital-based care models

Article: Hospital Advertising

Is it time for a closer look?

Article: To the Summit

How I became my own patient while climbing Mount Everest

Article: Zapping Zingers

Hospitalists share the inevitable tricky questions that catch them off guard

Article: A Pregnant Pause

The necessary evolution of residency training

Article: BIAS in Medicine

What you don’t see can hurt you (and your patients)

Cover Story: A Stake in the Sand

The SHM Survey: A Tool for Benchmarking Hospital Medicine Practices

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Article: Meeting Reviews

Highlights from two recent hospital medicine meetings

Cover Story: JHM Accepted for Indexing in MEDLINE

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Practice Management: Staffing Strategies

The benefits of varying the duration of the work day and eliminating fixed duration shifts

In the Literature: In the Literature

Atrial Flutter, Endarterectomy Versus Stenting, Care Transitions, Pleural Empyema, RRS Consensus, Treating VTE Patients, Classic Lit on Beta Blockers, and ACE Inhibitors

Images in Medicine: A Case of Emphysematous Cystitis

Career Development: Train the Teacher

A unique approach to improve your teaching skills

Legal Eagle: How to Stay Out of Litigation

The top 10 ways to avoid a malpractice suit

Public Policy: A Look inside Healthcare Transparency

An executive order calls for making healthcare pricing and quality indicators public

Society Pages: Register Now for February’s SHM Leadership Academy

What’s Your Diagnosis?: A Case of Pruritis Rash

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SHM Point of View: An Environmental Assessment for Hospital Medicine

Results of recent SHM surveys

Progress Notes: Hospitology

The Hospitable Hospital

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October 2014


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