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Article: Viewpoints from the Executive Suite and the Bedside

One hospitalist's dual role as CEO and clinician

Article: Eliminate Errors

Advanced automation and increased communication are fundamental to cutting down medication mistakes

Article: The Changing Face of Quality Improvement

Hospitalists take on QI challenges in facilities large and small

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Article: When It Comes to Quality Measures, Size Matters

The effect of low case volumes on hospital quality scores

Article: One Size Does Not Fit All

Consider all factors when deciding between large and small hospital groups

Cover Story: HM Group Economics 101

New revenue and cost cutting should improve the balance sheet

Cover Story: Navigate the Winds of Change

During ownership transition, leverage hospitalist involvement and know-how

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Key Clinical Question: What interventions most effectively protect against contrast media-induced nephropathy?


Team Hospitalist Q&A: A Truly Different World

Barbed wire and air raid sirens kept U.S. Air Force hospitalist on her toes

Billing & Coding: Reimbursement Rights

Billing and payment guidelines for non-physician provider services

Legal Eagle: Enough Is Enough, I’m Calling a Lawyer

Know what kind of attorney you need to save time and money

Public Policy: Mind Your Manners

A new Joint Commission standard addresses disruptive behavior

Career Development: First Paycheck Equals Investment Decisions

Salary-smart advice for residents and early career hospitalists

The Hospital Pharmacy: Alternative Medications

Make sure your patients know risks, disclose their complete history

In the Literature: In the Literature

The latest research you need to know

Society Pages: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Moving Day

SHM’s expansive, employee-friendly office nears completion

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Ask Dr. Hospitalist: Emergency Room Tension

 Your hospital medicine questions answered

Practice Management: Really, It’s Switch Tasking

Workplace interruptions take a mighty bite out of productivity, sanity

From the Editor’s Desk: Market Meltdown

As Wall Street collapses, HMG leaders can learn a valuable lesson

SHM Point of View: We’re All in This Together

SHM seeks partnerships with hospitals, executives, Medicare, primary care physicians, and just about everyone

First Read: Changing of the Guard

The Hospitalist’s new editor has broad experience, high expectations

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October 2014


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