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Article: The Earlier, the Better

Aggressive bed management increases capacity and revenue-generating opportunities without added costs

Article: HM@15 - Is Hospital Medicine a Good Bet for Improving Patient Satisfaction?

No longer on defense, hospitalists position themselves as team leaders who boost perceptions of care

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Hospitalists discuss how HM can improve patient satisfaction

UCSF's Diane Sliwka pairs hospitalists with special training with novice hospitalists during bedside procedures; UC Denver's Ethan Cumbler thinks HM is a must-fit in the larger framework of improving patient satisfaction

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Pros and Cons of a Super-Commuter Lifestyle

Transportation expert Alan Pisarski discusses the stresses and mitigating factors of mega-commutes; EmCare CEO Mark Hamm explain how his company partners with client hospitals

Cover Story: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A Discharge Solution—or Problem?

Although helpful for some, discharge lounges won’t solve systemic bed-management issues

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Experts discuss strategies to improve early discharges

Emergency Nurses Association President AnnMarie Papa discusses patient partnerships; Ken Simone explains the pressures hospitals face in moving patients and potential incentives to get nurses on board the early-discharge train

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Article: HM@15 - Myriad Points of View

Although challenges exist, most health professionals acknowledge HM’s worth

Article: Super-Commuters

The pros and cons of working far from home.

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Innovations: By the Numbers: $4,000

Innovations: Transferring “Boarders” Could Save Millions

Innovations: High-Performing Hospitals Invest in QI Infrastructure

Innovations: Joint Commission Launches Certification for Hospital Palliative Care

Society Pages: Academic Hospitalists Gear Up for Learning

Society Pages: HM12 Research and Award Submissions Deadline Nears

Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Pediatric HM Literature

Incidence Rates of Kernicterus Remain Unchanged

Society Pages: Mark Your Calendar

HM12 in San Diego will offer something for everyone

Society Pages: Survey Insights

How compensation amount differs by employment model

Society Pages: Policy Corner

Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Countdown Begins; SHM Toolkit Launched

In the Literature: In the Literature: HM-Related Research You Need to Know

Physician reviews of HM-related research, including PCI vs. CABG for left main coronary artery disease, CABG vs. medical therapy in severe LV dysfunction, linezolid vs. glycopeptides for nosocomial pneumonia, biomarkers to differentiate pneumonia from obstructive lung disease

Key Clinical Question: What is the best approach to treat an upper-extremity DVT?

Key Points: UEDVT risk factors include central venous catheters, malignancy, thoracic outlet syndrome or other anatomic abnormalities, previous DVT, “effort-related” activities, and hypercoagulable states; A significantly increased mortality rate exists among people diagnosed with UEDVT; UEDVT should be treated similarly to LEDVT: UFH or LMWH followed by warfarin for at least three months; The ACCP recommends against the routine use of thrombolytics, angioplasty, stent placement, or surgery....

Public Policy: Small-Town Tonic

Recruiting and retaining hospitalists could be a balm for rural healthcare’s woes

Billing & Coding: A Brief History

1995 and 1997 documentation guidelines remain in play

Team Hospitalist Q&A: 21st-Century Trainer

Miami hospitalist bucks tradition by focusing on technology and patient safety

Innovations: Study: Rural Hospitals Behind IT Curve

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President’s Column: Our Wake-Up Call

Cost-shifting article paves way for improved transitions, systemwide QI

From the Editor’s Desk: A Run for Safety

How many more have to die because of medical errors?

Practice Management: Laborists, Defined

Certain traits, practices make the OBGYN hospitalist model a breed apart

Ask Dr. Hospitalist: Dr. Hospitalist

HM Should Determine Admission Status, Location

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