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Article: The Comanagement Conundrum

Careful negotiation, clear agreement essential to hospitalists in shared-service situations

Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Listen to HM experts discuss comanagement opportunities

Listen to excerpts of our interviews with comanagement experts Sylvia McKean, Bob Wachter, Eric Siegal and more

Cover Story: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Comanagement Business Models

HM should think more broadly about patient need

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Cover Story: HM Model Expands to Ears, Noses, and Throats

UCSF addresses glut of admissions by hiring full-time ENT hospitalist

Article: Under the Microscope: Medication Reconciliation

$1.5M grant helps launch three-year, multisite QI project

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Letters: Letters to the Editor

Pennsylvania group director sounds the call for hospitalist emancipation

Key Clinical Question: When Should a Patient with Ascites Receive Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis (SBP) Prophylaxis?

Evidence supports the use of SBP prophylaxis in patients with ascites presenting with a gastrointestinal bleed or those with a prior history of SBP

Society Pages: Top Leaders, Hot Topics

HM11 brings together up-and-coming specialty and industry heavyweights

Society Pages: Q&A with Hospitalist Administrator Amit Prachand

Society Pages: Q&A with Hospitalist Administrator Kristi Gylten

Society Pages: POLICY CORNER: An inside look at the most pressing policy issues

Hospitalists and the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

Society Pages: FPHM Toolkit: Medical Knowledge Modules

The online assessment tool lets hospitalists put their knowledge to the test—and earn CME and MOC credits at the same time

In the Literature: In the Literature: HM-Related Research You Need to Know

Physician reviews of HM-related literature, including LOS in geriatric patients, outcomes of transcatheter aortic-valve implantation, renal ultrasound predictor for acute kidney injury, and romiplostim use in immune thrombocytopenia

Public Policy: The GOP Viewpoint

Senator expects ACA will be overturned, suggests individual accountability

HM Debate: Should Internal-Medicine Residency Training Be Extended?

PRO: Trainees need more time to master health systems, quality, and throughput

HM Debate: Should Internal-Medicine Residency Training Be Extended?

CON: Proper medical training is all about quality time, not quantity of time

Career Development: Maternity, Motherhood, and Medicine

Transitioning back to work is a difficult, individual process

Team Hospitalist Q&A: A Long, Winding Path

It took a couple of career moves, but Nebraska hospitalist finds her niche

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President’s Column: Remains of the Day

Society president proud to serve HM community, right-minded organization

From the Editor’s Desk: Annual Meeting Mariner

A view through Maslow’s eyes

Practice Management: The To-Don’t List

Your HM practice would be better off without these

Ask Dr. Hospitalist: FDA Mandates Enrollment for Erythropoesis Stimulating Agents

New FDA rules went into effect in February and will affect who can prescribe ESAs, including epoetin (Epogen, Procrit) and darbepoetin (Aranesp)

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Audio File: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Listen to former Obama healthcare advisor Bob Kocher, MD

Now the director of the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform in Washington, D.C., Dr. Kocher will give HM11’s first keynote speech, an inside look at how the reform package came together

Cover Story: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Wachter Relishes Opportunity to Guide Hospitalists

HM pioneer considers annual meeting address “a privilege”

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Insider’s Viewpoint

Former Obama advisor will speak to hospitalists about health reform

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Teacher As Student

HM11’s visiting professor to serve as mentor, stimulate discussion

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Different Strokes

Hospitalists come from all walks; HM11 has a place for all of them

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Registration Still Open

HM11 attendees can earn as many as 18.75 CME credits

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Wachter’s Vision

Industry pioneer recounts HM’s meteoric rise, sees bright future for hospitalists

Article: HM11 PREVIEW: Lots to See, Lots to Do in ‘Big D’

From sports to culture to Tex-Mex, Dallas metroplex has something for every visitor

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