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Is Email an Endangered Species?

Forty-five years ago, an engineer in Boston sent an electronic message between two computers some 10 feet apart. It took another 10 years or so before the electronic message was dubbed “email”—a term now perhaps more ubiquitous than any other in the lexicon of modern communication. And yet despite the seemingly definitive place email communication… [Read More]

Tool Offers Hand Hygiene Help

The healthcare industry is not yet at zero when it comes to healthcare-associated infections—and that’s a problem. Hand hygiene compliance remains a major cause. The Joint Commission addresses that problem with the Hand Hygiene Targeted Solutions Tool (TST), an online application that guides the user through collecting and analyzing data, with suggested solutions based on… [Read More]

When Introducing Innovations, Context Matters

Are we overlooking factors that could help bring about necessary changes to the healthcare industry? Elliott S. Fisher, MD, MPH, of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, thinks so. “We are missing an important opportunity to learn from what is going on in health systems every day that could tell us how… [Read More]

Frontline Teams Needed for Rapidly Changing Healthcare

Healthcare is changing rapidly, shifting focus from volume to value, says Jeffrey Glasheen, MD, SFHM, lead author of the abstract “Developing Frontline Teams to Drive Health System Transformation.” To support this transformation, frontline clinical leaders need to be able to build and manage teams and care processes—skills not taught in traditional health professional training. That’s… [Read More]

Technology Allows Independent Living for Elderly

NEW YORK – Shari Cayle, 75, called “Miracle Mama” by her family ever since she beat back advanced colon cancer seven years ago, is still undergoing treatment and living alone. “I don’t want my grandchildren to remember me as the sick one, I want to be the fun one,” said Cayle, who is testing a device that passively monitors… [Read More]

Mobile Apps Hot Topic for Technology-Minded Hospitalists

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—The conversation about hospitalists and technology can be pretty big. Rigmarole with rollout of an electronic health records (EHR) system is as much a rite of physician passage as Match Day. Administrators and C-suiters agonize over sprawling national initiatives (i.e., the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health [HITECH] Act of 2009)… [Read More]

LISTEN NOW: My iPad Went to Medical School

Mobile devices put information in the palm of your hand. For hospitalists, this presents real opportunities to engage patients, improve care, and streamline hospital workflows. Two hospitalists who were early adopters of mobile tech in their practices, Dr. Henry Feldman of Beth Israel Deaconess and Dr. Richard Pittman of Emory University/Grady share their lessons learned,… [Read More]

Tip-Top Tactics for Bedside Procedure Training

David Lichtman, PA, director of the Johns Hopkins Central Procedure Service in Baltimore, Md., says bedside procedure training should be consistent and thorough, regardless of whether the trainee is a medical student, a resident, a fellow, or an established physician. He is a strong advocate for training that includes well-designed computer coursework, evaluates practitioners from… [Read More]

UpToDate Adds Palliative Care

UpToDate, a leading clinical decision support resource for physicians, in July added palliative care as the newest of its 22 medical specialties. The palliative care section covers a variety of topics focused on improving symptoms and providing best quality of life for patients with serious illnesses. The new service resulted from two years of extensive… [Read More]