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Dr. Smith

Academic Hospitalist Groups Use Observation Status More Frequently

Insurers’ use of certain criteria to separate hospital stays into inpatient or observation status remains widespread. Observation status ensures provider reimbursement for hospitalizations deemed necessary by clinical judgment but not qualifying as inpatient care. Admission under observation status impacts the patient’s financial burden, as well, with observation admissions typically associated with increased out-of-pocket costs. Although… [Read More]

Hospitalists’ Potential Impact in Accountable Care Organizations

The rise of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), a group of healthcare providers who are answerable for the overall care of patients assigned to them, inclusive of quality and cost, accelerated as a result of the Affordable Care Act. In September CMS announced quality and financial performance results for the 18-month reporting period showing that 53… [Read More]

Physicians Feel Responsibility to Address Healthcare Costs

What are physicians’ attitudes toward addressing healthcare costs and which strategies do they most enthusiastically support?

Inside Hospitalists’ Evolving Scope of Practice

Medical subspecialty comanagement, primary clinical care for rapid-response teams, and nighttime patient coverage on expanded list of hospitalist services