Practice Management

Tackling the Readmissions Problem

Virtually every hospital system in the country deals with the challenge of readmissions, especially 30-day readmissions, and it’s only getting worse. “With the changes in healthcare and length of stay becoming shorter, patients are being discharged sicker than they used to be,” says Kevin Tolliver, MD, FACP, of Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital Outpatient Care… [Read More]

Proposals Pave the Way for New Drugs

To promote achievable solutions in the ongoing debate on drug financing, Anthem, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company are offering two policy proposals, which are detailed in “Discovering New Medicines and New Ways to Pay for Them,” published on the Health Affairs blog. The first proposal calls for clarifying federal regulation to reduce perceived barriers… [Read More]

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Research Shows Link Between EHR and Physician Burnout

Hospitalists’ struggles with the promise and pitfalls of the electronic health record (EHR) can also impinge on their personal satisfaction with their jobs. The EHR has been identified as a major contributor to physician burnout. Research conducted in 2013 by the RAND Corporation and the American Medical Association (AMA) identified EHRs as the leading cause… [Read More]

Attributes of Successful Hospitalist Groups

In the first two installments of my own list of attributes that are important underpinnings of successful hospitalist groups, I covered group culture and decision making, recruiting, the importance of a written policy and procedure manual and performance dashboard, and roles for advanced practice clinicians. I’ll continue numbering from last month and complete the list… [Read More]

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Administrators Share Strategies for High-Performing Hospitalist Groups at HM16

In November, Barbara Weisenbach took a new job as practice manager for the hospitalist group at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. She’s an experienced administrator but as for hospital medicine, not so much. And she is the group’s first full-fledged practice manager—as in, she’s not a physician taking on admin responsibilities and seeing a partial census…. [Read More]


Tips for Policy and Procedure Manuals, Along with Roles for NP/PAs

Editor’s note: Second in a three-part series. This month continues my list of important issues that help position your hospitalist group for greatest success. SHM’s “Key Principles and Characteristics of an Effective Hospital Medicine Group” is the definitive list, and this is my much smaller list. Last month, I discussed a culture (or mindset) of… [Read More]