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How to Initiate a VTE Quality Improvement Project

While VTE sometimes occurs in spite of the best available prophylaxis, there are many lost opportunities to optimize prevention and reduce VTE risk factors in virtually every hospital. Reaching a meaningful improvement in VTE prevention requires an empowered, interdisciplinary team approach supported by the institution to standardize processes, monitor, and measure VTE process and outcomes,… [Read More]

Advances in Medical Technology Encourage Hospitalist-Led Bedside Procedures

One trend working in favor of more hospitalist-led bedside procedures is the growing use of technology, particularly simulation models and ultrasound guidance. Simulators are “invaluable” teaching tools, says David Lichtman, PA, director of the Johns Hopkins Central Procedure Service in Baltimore, Md. “They’re easy. They’re inexpensive. You can poke them and poke them and poke… [Read More]

Dr. Nelson

Geographic Rounding of Hospital Nurses Challenges Unit-Based Theory

Nurses, of course, have always been assigned by unit—that is, geographically. So it should come as no surprise that searching “unit-based” at returns many articles about assigning hospitalists geographically, but not nurses, partly because few would consider it a new idea. But this article is about a new wrinkle in assigning nurses. Although there… [Read More]

Dr. Hospitalist

Little Progress Made Training Hospitalists to Stem Shortage of Intensivists

What would the status be for a hospitalist who could train for one year to become a critical care intensivist to address the shortage of intensivists? I’m one of the hospitalists who love critical care but cannot do two more years out for critical care training. —Amadeo Rivera, MD Has there been any progress in… [Read More]

Billing for Hospital Admission, Discharge in Same 24-Hour Period

Should the admitting physician or the discharge physician bill the CPT code (99234-99236) for a patient who is admitted and discharged in the same 24-hour period? —Charlette Dr. Hospitalist responds: Assuming both physicians are part of the same group and specialty, they are considered one physician. Since it appears that both face-to-face encounters are separated… [Read More]

Hospital Violence Hits Home

Hospital Violence Hits Home

Hospitalists could hardly be faulted for wondering: Am I safe? After all, the inpatient setting can be a tense place, and it’s where hospitalists work day in and day out. David Pressel, MD, PhD, FHM, a pediatric hospitalist and medical director of inpatient services at Nemours Children’s Health System, which has locations in Delaware, New… [Read More]

Instructor Joshua D. Lenchus, DO, (center) assists Syed Irfan Qasim Ali, MD, (middle) in guided ultrasound technique on volunteer Kristin Wish, MD, during a hands-on pre-course at HM12 at the Gaylord Natonal Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

Hospitalists Try To Reclaim Lead Role in Bedside Procedures

On his way to a recent conference, David Lichtman, PA, stopped to talk with medical residents at a nearby medical center about their experiences performing bedside procedures. “How many times have you guys done something that you knew you weren’t fully trained for but you didn’t want to say anything?” asked Lichtman, a hospitalist and… [Read More]

Infectious Diseases Society of America 2014 Practice Guidelines To Diagnose, Manage Skin, Soft Tissue Infections

Background Surveillance studies in the U.S. have shown an increase in the number of hospitalizations for skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) by 29% from 2000 to 2004.1 Moreover, recent studies on the inpatient management of SSTIs have shown significant deviation from recommended therapy, with the majority of patients receiving excessively long treatment courses or… [Read More]