Practice Management

Understanding, Counsel Can Help to Navigate Payor Audits

Receiving notice from a payor that you are being audited can be alarming. Questions will inevitably run through your mind, such as, Why? How? How much will this cost? Understanding the types of payor audits and how to navigate the process can make answering those questions easier. In addition, advanced preparation and knowing when to… [Read More]

Simple Strategy for Addressing Problematic Patient Behavior

Linden Spital, NP, a psychiatric mental-health nurse practitioner, staffs the Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Nearly every hospital larger than about 200 beds, she says, could benefit from a similar service, and hospitalists could play an important role in creating it. I wrote about the idea for a… [Read More]

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PHM16: How to Design, Improve Educational Programs at Community Hospitals

Facilitators: Christopher Russo, MD, FAAP, Laura Hodo, MD, and Lauren Wilson, MD This session discussed ways to design and improve education within community hospital settings. It was done via a didactic session, breakout groups, and an electronic assessment tool that can be used beyond the session. Facilitators included the workshop leaders and co-leaders along with… [Read More]

Reducing Drug Expenditure with Computerized Alerts

Hospitalists face ever-increasing pressure to reduce drug expenditures without compromising the quality of care provided to patients, and as a consequence, are creating new ways to approach the issue. A recent study published in the American Journal of Medical Quality assessed the effectiveness of computerized provider order entry alerts as one method. The alerts displayed… [Read More]

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As Summer—and Interns—Roll In, Try a Little Empathy on Your Patients, Colleagues

It’s July, the month that marks the annual rite of passage for both newly minted physicians starting their internships and somewhat-less-fresh trainees completing their residencies and moving on to the next stage of their professional journey. I would imagine that many of you, like me, spend at least a fleeting moment this time of year… [Read More]

Who to Blame for Surgical Readmissions?

When too many surgery patients are readmitted, the hospital can be fined by the federal government – but a new study suggests many of those readmissions are not the hospital’s fault. Many readmissions were due to issues like drug abuse or homelessness, the researchers found. Less than one in five patients returned to the hospital due to something doctors… [Read More]

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Lesson in Improper Allocations, Unaccounted for NP/PA Contributions

I visited during a hot Florida summer in the mid 1990s and could readily see that the practice was great in most respects. The large multispecialty group had recruited talented hospitalists and had put in place effective operational practices. All seemed to be going well, but inappropriate overhead allocation was undermining the success of their… [Read More]

Applying Military Principles to HM Leadership

Hospitalists are more than doctors—they are also leaders in their organizations, which is why a new book by retired Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling is relevant to what they do every day. Hertling, whose numerous military awards include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart, is the author of Growing Physician… [Read More]