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Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM)-American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Joint Statement on Hospitalists Trained in Family Medicine

Hospitalists are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. Both the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) hold that the opportunity to participate as a Hospitalist should be granted to all physicians commensurate with their documented training and/or experience, demonstrated abilities and… [Read More]

Salah Mohageb, MD

HM15 Q&A: How Will You Make Healthcare Safer?

QUESTION: Quality improvement guru Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, senior vice president for patient safety and quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, challenged attendees at HM15 to finish this sentence about how they will make healthcare safer: “I will…” The Hospitalist talked to a few doctors who accepted the challenge. “I will let them know… [Read More]


Hospice, Palliative Care Groups Release Quality Care Measures

The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) and the Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) recently published a list of performance measures to assess the quality of palliative and hospice patient care. Refined over two years, the groups’ Measuring What Matters recommendations [PDF] outline 10 clinically relevant measures to drive quality care. The… [Read More]


Most Hospitalist Groups Don’t Offer Paid Time Off

More than two-thirds of HM groups do not offer paid time off (PTO) to their hospitalists, but lack of vacation time isn’t a career deal breaker for aspiring hospitalists, say some HM leaders. “Lack of separate PTO in general has not affected young hospitalists from choosing hospital medicine as their career, as hospital medicine offers… [Read More]

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Multi-Site Hospitalist Leaders: HM15 Session Summary

Session: Multi-site Hospitalist Leaders: Unique Challenges/What You Should Know HM15 Presenter/Moderator: Scott Rissmiller, MD Summation: This standing-room-only session was the result of a popular HMX e-community, which has become an active discussion board. As hospitals and health systems continue to consolidate across the country, there has been a rapid growth of multi-hospital systems. The role of… [Read More]