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Multi-Site Hospitalist Leaders: HM15 Session Summary

Session: Multi-site Hospitalist Leaders: Unique Challenges/What You Should Know HM15 Presenter/Moderator: Scott Rissmiller, MD Summation: This standing-room-only session was the result of a popular HMX e-community, which has become an active discussion board. As hospitals and health systems continue to consolidate across the country, there has been a rapid growth of multi-hospital systems. The role of… [Read More]

HM15 Session Analysis: The Physician-Administrator Management Dyad

Hm15 Presenters: Chuck Ainsworth, MD, MCC,; Dan Virnich, MD, MBA; Roberta Himebaugh, MBA, SFHM; Robert Hickling, MHA; Sendil Krishnan, MD Summation: The presenters, a group of physicians and administrators for hospital medicine groups, explored three dyad models. These three models were: Office of the Executive, where there is one senior executive and a junior executive;… [Read More]

HM15 Session Analysis: Innovative Hospitalist Staffing Models

HM15  Presenters: John Nelson, MD, MHM; Daniel Hanson, MD, FHM; Darren Thomas, MD Summation: The presenters, from three entirely different geographic regions across the U.S., walked the audience through several different innovative hospitalist staffing models, from staffing in a multi-hospital system to integrating of advanced practice clinicians to deploying staggered staffing techniques to match the… [Read More]


Implementing Physician Value-Based Purchasing in Your Practice: HM15 Session Analysis

HM15 Session: Putting Your Nickel Down: The What, Why, and How of Implementing Physician Value-Based Purchasing in Your Practice Presenters: Stephen Besch, Simone Karp RPh, Patrick Torcson MD MMM SFHM, Gregory Seymann MD SFHM Summation: HHS has set a goal of tying increasing percentages of Medicare payments to quality or value through alternative payment models,… [Read More]


Hot Topics in Practice Management; HM15 Session Analysis

HM15 Session  RAPID FIRE PANEL: Hot Topics in Practice Management Updates on Key Issues, Including the Key Characteristics of an Effective HMG HM15 Presenters: Roy Sittig MD SFHM, Jeffrey Frank MD MBA, Jodi Braun Summation: Speakers covered timely topics regarding the Accountable Care Act, namely Medicaid Expansion and Bundled Payment arrangements; and reviewed the seminal paper… [Read More]