Practice Profile


Mark Kulaga, MD

Associate Program Director

Internal Medicine Residency

Norwalk Hospital

Norwalk, CT 06856

From left to right: Joseph Cleary, MD; Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD; Mark Kulaga, MD; Andrea Peterson, MD; Stephen O'Mahony, MD; Pamela Charney, MD; Eric Mazur, MD

From left to right: Joseph Cleary, MD; Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD; Mark Kulaga, MD; Andrea Peterson, MD; Stephen O’Mahony, MD; Pamela Charney, MD; Eric Mazur, MD

Physician Staff

Pamela Charney, MD

Joseph Cleary, MD

Mark Kulaga, MD

Eric Mazur, MD

Stephen O’Mahony, MD

Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD

Andrea Peterson, MD

Other Staff

Michael Marotta, PA

Start Up

July 1999

Hospital Setting

Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT

Academic Community Hospital with 250 beds

Affiliated with Yale University

Patient Population

Our patient population is wonderfully diverse, both economically and socially. Located in the heart of affluent Fairfield County, Norwalk is nevertheless a true small city and home to vibrant communities of African Americans, Latinos, and multiple other immigrant groups. The Hospitalist Clinician-Educator program was originally created to provide inpatient care for indigent patients (who predominantly attend the Norwalk Community Health Center) and for those patients without a local primary care physician. In recent years, as more community internists have chosen to use the hospital medicine service, our payer mix has substantially changed to include many more patients with private insurance and/or Medicare.


All physicians are general internists employed by the Norwalk Hospital.


Dr. Eric Mazur, Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, is the program founder and administrative leader. He serves as the primary liaison between the hospitalists and the Chief Executive and Operating Officers of the hospital.

Total Number of Patients Served Each Year

On average, each hospitalist admits 350 patients per year. When this threshold is exceeded, a new hospitalist has been added to the group. In the first few years of service, our hospitalists covered 20-25% of the total number of medical admissions to the Norwalk Hospital. As use of the service by local internists has increased, this percentage has grown to 40–45%. It is projected that the Norwalk Hospital hospital medicine service will admit over 2200 patients this year.


All hospitalists receive a fixed annual salary. The hospital subsidizes 50% of each Hospitalist Clinician Educator position and bills the faculty practice income for the remaining 50%. Faculty practice income is generated through direct patient billing facilitated by a billing agency not affiliated with the hospital. The hospital also provides an annual stipend to the faculty practice for the indigent care supplied by the hospital medicine group. Our compensation model does not utilize an incentive bonus system, although yearly bonuses derived from surplus faculty practice revenue are provided at the discretion of the Chairman.

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