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Provide Feedback on State of EHRs in Hospital Medicine

According to a report published by AmericanEHR Partners, 61% of respondents in 2010 said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their electronic health records (EHRs), compared with just 34% in 2014. Additionally, close to half of all respondents reported a negative response to questions related to costs, efficiency, and productivity. SHM’s IT Committee would… [Read More]

Future of Hospital Medicine Program to Tour U.S. Cities

Interested in a career in hospital medicine? Know someone who is? SHM hosts a series of special events for students and residents on campuses throughout the country. These catered networking receptions feature nationally recognized hospitalists speaking on their careers and the many options and opportunities within the hospital medicine specialty. The fall 2016 schedule includes… [Read More]

National Program Reduces Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

Clinical question: Can a program of education, feedback, and proper training reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections in hospitalized patients? Bottom line: The Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, or CUSP, is a national program in the United States that aims to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) by focusing on proper technical skills, behavioral changes, education, and… [Read More]

Procalcitonin Guidance Safely Decreases Antibiotic Use in Critically Ill Patients

Clinical question: Can the use of procalcitonin levels to determine when to discontinue antibiotic therapy safely reduce the duration of antibiotic use in critically ill patients? Bottom line: For patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) who receive antibiotics for presumed or proven bacterial infections, the use of procalcitonin levels to determine when to stop… [Read More]

How Should a Hospitalized Patient with Newly Diagnosed Cirrhosis Be Evaluated and Managed?

The Case A 50-year-old man with no known medical history presents with two months of increasing abdominal distension. Exam is notable for scleral icterus, telangiectasias on the upper chest, abdominal distention with a positive fluid wave, and bilateral pitting lower-extremity edema. An abdominal ultrasound shows large ascites and a nodular liver consistent with cirrhosis. How… [Read More]

10 Strategies for Delivering a Great Presentation

It’s noon on Tuesday, and James, a new PGY-2 resident, begins his presentation on COPD. After five minutes, you notice half of the residents playing Words with Friends, the “ortho-bound” medical student talking with a buddy in the back, and the attendings looking on with innate skepticism. Your talk on atrial fibrillation is next month,… [Read More]

PHM16: Pediatric Hospital Medicine Leaders Kick Off 2016 Conference

Speaker: Lisa Zaoutis, MD, Pediatric Residency Program Director at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Amid the skyscrapers of the Windy City, Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) 2016 swept into town, bringing with it the denizens of pediatric hospitalist programs across the country. Some 1,150 attendees, comprised of hospitalists, PHM program leaders, and advanced care practitioners, gathered… [Read More]